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Kanagadhara Stotram is a popular hymn, written by Sri Adhi Sankaracharya, praising Goddess Lakshmi. The stotram consists of 21 hymns, praising the goddess. The background, structure, and significance of reciting the stotra are discussed in this blog.


mqdefaultOne day, as a young boy, Adhi Sankaracharya went to take Bhiksha to prepare his food. He came across a hut and asked the woman in the house Bhiksha (food). In those days, not offering food to a Brahmin, who comes to beg you, was considered to be unethical. So, the lady was upset because there was nothing edible in the house.

After searching her house thoroughly, she could find only one gooseberry fruit. She hesitantly offered it to Sankara. Sankara, on seeing the plight of the woman, wanted to help her back. So he sang twenty-one hymns praising the supreme mother. As a result, Sri Lakshmi appeared before him. He asked the Goddess to grant riches to the poor woman.

The Goddess initially refused to grant her riches, as it was the woman’s karma that made her poor. Sankara convinced her by saying that she is the supreme power to decide on one’s fate. Then convinced Sri Lakshmi showered the lady’s house with pure gold.


Kanagadhara stotram consists of 21 hymns, four lines each. The stotra describes the goddess, her power, her beauty and calls her the supreme force. The meaning of each hymn is given below.

  1. Goddess Lakshmi is attracted towards the supreme God Vishnu like black bees being attracted to the buds that are yet to bloom.
  2. She is born to the ocean of milk and her glances return to the lotus-like face of Lord Krishna.
  3. Let the consort of Vishnu, who sleeps on the snake, shower me with wealth.
  4. Let her garland of glances that protect Lord Vishnu and give him great strength, fall on me.
  5. She is like a streak of lightning in the dark cloud chest of Krishna.
  6. Kamadeva, god of love, could reach Lord Vishnu only after her consent.
  7. She is the supreme power to bless the King of all kings, which is Devendra, with his kingdom.
  8. Her compassionate eyes grant all the wishes, her devotees ask for.
  9. O Goddess!  Please show your wind of mercy, and shower the rain of wealth on this parched land.
  10. She is the Goddess of knowledge (Saraswathi). She is the darling of Lord Vishnu (Lakshmi), She is the power that causes death at the time of deluge (Shakthi, the wife of Shiva) and she performs the three duties: Creation, protection and destruction.
  11. O Goddess! You are the embodiment of the Vedas. You are Rathi, Shakthi and Lakshmi.
  12. She is as pretty as a lotus in full bloom and she is born from the ocean of milk, sister of nectar and the moon.
  13. She sits on the golden lotus. She is the ruler of the universe, who showers mercy on Devas. She is the wife of Sarangapani.
  14. She is the daughter of Rishi Bhrigu. She is the consort of Vishnu.
  15. She has lotus like eyes, she is the earth and also the mother of the earth, worshiped by Devas.
  16. She provides wealth and prosperity. She is King Maker.
  17. Her blessings shower one with wealth and prosperity. My salutations to the queen of God Vishnu’s heart.
  18. She is the one who sits on the lotus and also has a lotus in her hand. She is dressed in dazzling white clothes and wears the garland of gold and silver and sandal paste on her body.
  19. Eight elephants from all the directions pour out holy water of the Ganga, for her holy bath.
  20. She is the lotus, and also the consort of Lord with lotus-eyes (Kamalakannan). O goddesses! Please turn your merciful glances towards the poor me.
  21. One who recites these prayers everyday will be blessed with good and graceful qualities and great fortunes.


There are no specific rules to chant the mantra. Kanagadhara stotram is easier to learn by anyone. If one listens to the mantra with concentration, keeping a copy of the sloga to read, it might take not more than a week to grasp the tone of the stotra. The devotee needs just the following two, to chant the mantra.

  • Clean mind (Antha Soucham),
  • Clean body, clean place and clean clothes (Baahya Soucham).
  • The best time to chant the sloka is suggested to be early morning, after a bath.
  • Using pink flowers to worship the goddess, while chanting the stotra, is appreciable.
  • The stotra is short that it does not take more than 10-15 minutes to chant them.


Akshaya Tritiya 2015 Date

  • Like all the slokas, Kangadhara stotram helps you to have a peaceful life.
  • The stotra is specifically recited to attain wealth and prosperity in one’s life.
  • The stotra is said to provide also health benefits to those who chant them.
  • Chanting the stotra with a pure and positive mind helps one to stay away from sufferings and make them prosperous.

We have attached a YouTube link for the stotra, rendered by M.S.Subbulakshmi, for your convenience:


  • Wikipedia
  • YouTube





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