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Special delicacies for TamBrahm occasions : Chapter 1 – Ekadasi & Dwadasi

Detoxifying or Cleansing the digestive system is a necessary process. In this process, it is advised to have liquid food as to give rest to the organs of our body. Ekadasi Viratham acts as a cleanser. Ekadasi Viratham is practised by the followers of Lord Vishnu as a step to attain a place in Vaikuntam.… Continue reading Special delicacies for TamBrahm occasions : Chapter 1 – Ekadasi & Dwadasi

Sanathana Dharma


All of us are aware of the Tamil saying, “Vallavanukku pullum Ayudham”, describing how even the humblest and most harmless of things like a blade of grass could be turned into a weapon of destruction, in the hands of an accomplished person. Dharbai, commonly used in the households of Brahmins holds such significance in everyday… Continue reading DHARBAI AND ITS SIGNIFICANCE TO HINDUS

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Sri Sthuthi

In the previous post of our sloka series, we discussed Kanagadhara Stotram and its significance. Sri Sthuthi is recited for the same purpose by Vaishnavites, as Kanagadhara Stotram is for Smartas. Sri Sthuthi, composed by Sri Vedantha Desikar, is a stotra, having 25 hymns on Sri Lakshmi, praising her power.  The name “Sri” refers to the goddess… Continue reading Sri Sthuthi

Sanathana Dharma · Slokas


Kanagadhara Stotram is a popular hymn, written by Sri Adhi Sankaracharya, praising Goddess Lakshmi. The stotram consists of 21 hymns, praising the goddess. The background, structure, and significance of reciting the stotra are discussed in this blog. LEGEND BEHIND THE STOTRA One day, as a young boy, Adhi Sankaracharya went to take Bhiksha to prepare… Continue reading KANAGADHARA STOTRAM