We’ve all seen the women in brahmin families wear the Madisar with elegance and the men wearing Pancha Kachcham with confidence. Ever wondered why they wear these clothing specifically? This week, we break down what Madisar and Pancha Kachcham signify and how beneficial they are to us. Pancha Kachcham: Traditionally, a Hindu wears Veshti/Dhoti which… Continue reading MADISAAR AND PANCHAKACHAM



Chithra Pournami or Chitra Poornima, which refers to the full moon day on the month of Chithirai is considered to be an auspicious day in Hinduism. This blog tries to discuss the legend behind Chitra Pournami and its significance. Chithra Pournami and Chitra Gupta: Chithra Pournami is dedicated to Chitra Gupta, the assistant to Yama… Continue reading CHITRA POURNAMI


Lalitha Sahasranama – An Introduction

Slokas play an important role in Hinduism. The slokas in Sanathana dharma are said to have an indefinite power that gives bhakthas power, peace, wealth, knowledge and whatever they ask for. Gyanopadesam attempts to study the significance of a few slokas in the weeks to come. This is our attempt to understand the story behind… Continue reading Lalitha Sahasranama – An Introduction